International Classification Status

Subject to classifiers available and sufficient athletes requiring classification, there will be International classification available at this event to carry out new, review or confirmed classifications.

More information in the latest rider information page.

2 thoughts on “International Classification Status

  1. Elijah Mwandihi says:

    We would kindly like to confirm whether the events will be a qualifying to the Gold coast Commonwealth games 2018 in Australia. Reason being our athletes have not qualified and we would kindly want them to qualify for these events.

    Kind regards

    Elijah Mwandihi
    Secretary General
    NPC – Kenya


    • manparacyc17 says:

      Hi Elijah,

      The commonwealth games for para cycling is only tandems/visually impaired riders.

      This event will record world ranking points.

      Qualification is based on the track world rankings from 1st Jan 2017 to 31st october 2017.

      As a result this event does not count.

      It may be best you email UCI directly regarding this,

      Kind regards,


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